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V Thread Lift

The Popular Korean procedure - V Thread Lift, is an effective skin tightening and anti-ageing face-lift treatment that involves the insertion of fine polydioxanone (PDO) threads under the skin.

  • firm up sagging skin to create a more V shaped face
  • lift the nose to create a sharper and higher nose bridge profile
  • skin rejuvenation
The thin absorbable PDO monofilament threads, which are commonly used in various fields of surgery, when inserted into the skin stimulates collagen production leading to firmer, more lifted and more youthful skin.
After the skin is numbed with anaesthetic cream, fine PDO threads are gently and painlessly inserted into the treatment areas. The treatment may take 15 mins – 1 hour depending on the treatment area.
Many will require only one treatment, while others may require a few repeat treatments for optimal results.