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Saggy Skin

Poor face muscle tone and saggy skin become more prominent as we grow older. And if we add drooping facial fat pads to the above aging process, we can end up with jowls. Our once attractive triangular shape face has now turned into a square face.

Our clean straight jaw line has disappeared and the new jowly face makes us look older and overweight. Firm, youthful jawlines become replaced with soft, irregular skin on the face.

Bothered about the sagging skin on the face or tummy? Anxious about the newly formed jowls or the loss of a sharp jaw line?

A combination of factors contribute to skin laxity as we age including the loss of volume (e.g. fat, bon) and the reduction of collagen and skin elasticity. Smoking accelerates the sagging process.

A variety of clinically proven non-surgical skin tightening treatments are available for those who are not keen for surgery: