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Excessive Hair Growth

Excessive hair growth can be cosmetically unsightly and embarrassing for some individuals. In most cases, excessive hair growth is due to genetic factors. Uncommonly, it may also be due to medical conditions or medications (e.g. cyclosporine A).

There are various hair removal methods. Temporary methods include waxing and shaving. They require repeat treatments and can be time consuming. .

Long term hair removal was initially achieved with electrolysis but it is time consuming and has largely been succeeded by more efficient treatments including:

  • Intense Pulse Light (IPL)
  • Cosjet laser – more intensive treatment for more stubborn hairs
    IPL and laser treatments are quicker and work by heating up and destroying the hair follicle selectively without injury to the surrounding tissue. Generally, patients with dark hairs and fairer skin responds best to treatment. Hence patients are advised to avoid sun tanning and to apply sun-block for optimal results.
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Excessive Hair Growth
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