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Hair Loss

Hair loss can affect both men and women, and the pattern and treatment of hair loss may differ.

Types of Hair Loss

Androgenetic alopecia (commonly known as male pattern baldness) is the commonest cause of hair loss in both men and women. It is an inherited condition and is related to the male hormone testosterone. Other less common forms can be due to acute stress or illnesses, scalp diseases, constant pulling of the hair and certain medications.

Alopecia may first present as patchy hair loss, diffuse hair thinning, or excessive hair loss in the sink after a wash. Some hair loss is normal as part of the natural hair cycle, but hair loss in excess of about 100 strands per day may be indicative of alopecia. Generally the earlier alopecia is treated, the better the outcome will be.

Depending on the severity of hair loss, one or more of treatments may be instituted:

  • Low level energy laser therapy (LLLT)
    Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) refers to the use of a gentle red-beam or near-infrared lasers. Lasers used in LLLT are mild and nonthermal. It is believed to penetrate deeply into the tissue where it exerts a photobiostimulation effect, increasing blood circulation and stimulating hair growth.
  • Prescription medications
    This consists primarily of minoxidil and Propecia®.
  • Medical grade hair care products for home use to create a conducive environment for hair regrowth.


Our hair regrowth programs strive to differentiate ourselves in several ways :

  1. Adopting a multiple-pronged, systematic and scientific approach for optimal results
  2. Require minimal number of visits to the clinic for treatment
  3. Incorporates a FDA approved hair regrowth laser in our hair programs
  4. Cost effectiveness.
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Hair Loss
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