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Beyond Sun Protection is the result of 5 long years of numerous trials and clinical testing in various countries around the world. This unique broad-spectrum sunscreen currently holds the #1 position in blue light protection. It’s capabilities don’t stop there. Beyond Sun Protection also boasts skin lightening and moisturising properties. No other sun protection cream comes close to this.

SPF 75+

The Sun Protection Factor (SPF) rating indicates how well a sun screen protects against sunburn. Beyond Sun Protection cream has been tested (in vivo tests) to return a remarkable result of SPF 79.7.

PPD 17+ / PA++++

The Persistent Pigment Darkening (PPD) protection rating measures how much protection a sunscreen has against persistent pigmentation caused by UVA. A PPD rating of 10 blocks 90% of UVA. The PPD 17+ rating of Beyond Sun Protection is, once again, exceptionally high and a result derived from in vivo testing.

PA or Protection Grade for UVA is similar to PPD and is used more commonly in Asia. With a PPD rating of 17+, Beyond Sun Protection’s PA++++ is the highest rating possible.


Protection against environmental pollution (such as smog, haze and poor air quality), and to a lesser extent IR (Infrared), is another major cause of premature aging and hyperpigmentation. Beyond Sun Protection is tested to offer protection against air pollution as well as IR. It also contains anti-oxidant properties for added protection and peace of mind.


Beyond Sun Protection cream has been clinically tested to increase skin moisture by 32% after 27 days of use. It also aids in skin lightening. Skin lightening and keeping skin hydrated are important when wearing a sunscreen on the face for long periods.


Once you’ve tried Beyond Sun Protection cream, you’ll never wear any other sunscreen on your face again. The remarkable texture – a breakthrough in itself – is a major reason why it’s taken us over 5 years to perfect it. Maximum and complete protection and benefits with minimum discomfort – no other sunscreen or facial cream comes close. It’s non-greasy, light with a dry touch and applies smoothly and easily. Beyond Sun Protection cream can be worn comfortably for long periods and is hypoallergenic – so, it’s gentle on sensitive skin – and also non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic so it won’t clog pores nor cause or worsen acne.

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