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Obagi Nu-Derm System

The renown Obagi Nu-derm system is clinically proven to transform their skin at the cellular level so that it looks and acts younger and healthier.

Clinical studies have demonstrated that the system

  • Increases collagen and elastin
  • Tightens skin
  • Improves hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone
  • Improve fine lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity and loss of natural skin hydration.

The systems consists of 7 products, and may be used separately or together:


Obagi Nu-Derm Foaming Gel (1) - For Normal/Oily Skin

Soap-free cleanser that gently removes impurities, oil and makeup to leave skin clean, fresh and ready for the next step.


Obagi Nu-Derm Toner (2)

Formulated with alum (a natural astringent), the Toner adjusts the skin's pH for optimal penetration.


Obagi Nu-Derm Clear (3)

An essential component of our Therapeutic Cascade, Clear is formulated with 4% hydroquinone to improve uneven skin color and age spots.


Obagi Nu-Derm Exfoderm (4) - For Normal/Dry Skin

Formulated with phytic acid, it exfoliates dead surface skin cells and aids in penetration of treatment ingredients in the System.


Obagi Nu-Derm Blender® (5)

Regular usage promotes improvement at the cellular level for even skin color. Specially formulated for use with Tretinoin cream. (Rx only)


Obagi Nu-Derm Healthy Skin Protection SPF 35 (6)

Contains 9% micronized zinc oxide to protect against long UVA rays linked to deep premature aging.
3.0 fl oz (90 ml)