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Chemical Peel

We offer a range of gentle exfoliating and rejuvenating agents including fruit acid peels and TCA. It may be used on the face or body parts including the back. Depending on your skin type, your doctor will advise on the best type of peel for you.

Our skin rejuvenating treatment incorporates combination peels or/and LED photo-modulation for synergistic results.

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Chemical Peel
  • What are the benefits?
    • Aids in skin texture
    • Reduces enlarged pores
    • Treat acne, blackheads and clogged pores
    • Treat sun damaged skin
    • Lighten pigmentation (age spots, freckles, melasma, PIH)
    • Lighten superficial scars including acne scars
  • What does chemical rejuvenation involve?

    The procedure takes about 15 mins. Depending on your skin type and the outcome desired, your doctor will apply the appropriate chemical solution on your skin. This allows the removal of the damaged outer layers of skin to improve skin texture and treat uneven skin colour. It also helps stimulate the production of collagen.

  • What is the recovery time?

    Patients are able to return to their normal activities soon after treatment. There may be temporary mild redness, and skin flaking.

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