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Visionary Aesthetic Ultrasound – Face Lift without Surgery

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  • What is Ultherapy™?

    Ultherapy™ is a breakthrough FDA approved skin rejuvenation procedure that uses medical ultrasound for non-surgical skin tightening and lifting. It is a first of its kind technology, unprecedented in the medical aesthetic industry.

  • What can Ulthera do for me?
    • Elevates brow lines and reduces droopiness of eyelids. In a clinical FDA clinical trial, 90% of patients experienced significant lifting of the brows
    • Firms up and lifts sagging cheeks and jowls
    • Firms up and reduces double chin and turkey neck, resulting in a more defined jaw contour
    • Improves wrinkles and facial static lines like laughter lines and marionette lines (droopy corners of the mouth)
  • Is it safe?

    Yes. It is FDA approved. Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy, which has been used in medical imaging for numerous years.

  • How does ulthera work?

    The face is first scanned with ultrasound to determine the correct depth of the skin to be treated. A gentle level of ultrasonic energy is then precisely and safely delivered to deeper layers of the skin leaving the skin surface intact and undamaged. This results in significant collagen regeneration and skin rejuvenation with tightening over time.

  • How many treatments will I need?

    Most patients will see significant results after 1 treatment. However 2 treatments mat be required in some individuals for optimal results.

  • Is it painful?
    Most patients tolerate the treatment well. Patients can expect to feel a prickly and warm sensation during treatment. Patients with very low pain threshold can discuss with the doctor about the use of numbing creams and local anaesthesia.
  • What kind of results can I expect?

    Some may experience improvement immediately after treatment, but optimal results is gradually achieved over several months as collagen regeneration takes place over time.

  • Is there any downtime?
    You can expect to return to your usual activities immediately after treatment. There is usually no significant downtime, although sometimes mild redness and swelling may occur which usually resolves quickly.


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