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Botulinium Toxin (Botox)

Botox involves microinjections of a purified protein (Botulinium Toxin) to relax facial muscles that causes facial wrinkling. It is also commonly used to reduce the size of the jaw muscle, creating a slimmer facial contour.

We believe that Botox treatment should not result in stiff and unnatural looking facial expressions.

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Botulinium Toxin (Botox)
  • What is Botox™ cosmetic treatment used for?
    • Reduce dynamic wrinkles, crow’s feet and frown lines
    • Eye brow lift and eye brow shaping
    • Reduce pore size and oiliness (intradermal)
    • Face sculpting (creates a slimmer face profile and a defined jaw line)
    • To tighten skin in the jowl area
    • Treat sweaty armpits and palms
  • What does the Botox™ treatment involve?

    The treatment involves small injections into the area being treated. Depending on the purpose of the treatment, the Botox™ may be injected into the facial muscles (intramuscular) or into the skin (intradermal) with fine needles. Ice packs may be used to make the procedure comfortable.

  • What is the recovery time?

    Patients may return to their normal activities soon after the procedure. The doctor will advise during consultation.

  • Can anyone be treated with Botox™?

    Pregnant and lactating women as well as those with known Botulinium allergy, are advised against having the treatment.

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