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Broad-Spectrum Pulsed Light (BPL)

Broad-spectrum pulsed light therapy is a treatment for pigmentation, hair removal and skin rejuvenation.

It can be a freckle, an age-spot or a brown patch. Pigmentation and discoloration of the skin is the darkening of an area of skin due to increased melanin. The most common cause of an uneven skin tone is sunlight exposure sunlight, but it could also be due to hyperpigmentation could also be due to medical conditions, and hormonal changes.

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Broad-Spectrum Pulsed Light (BPL)
  • How does BPL work?

    BPL is a form of non-ablative intense light therapy used for  a  variety of skin conditions and complaints. Unlike lasers, BPL consists of a broad spectrum of light wavelengths. Depending on its wavelength, the light energy targets different structures in the skin and different skin depth.

    Green and yellow light in the BPL treatments specifically targets the hyperpigmented lesions, while sparing the surrounding skin from damage. Then the longer wavelengths in the BPL light penetrate more deeply into the skin to stimulate fibroblasts to generate extra collagen. As a result, the skin tightens, pores become more refined, and wrinkles and scars are visibly improved. Other wavelengths of the BPL can also be used to destroy hair follicles (for hair removal), as well as to eliminate the bacteria associated with acne problems.

  • What are the benefits of BPL ?
    • targets fine blood vessels / capillaries on the face and body
    • treats general redness / flushing of face
    • target skin hyperpigmentation problems (including freckles, sun-spots, melasma and age-spots)
    • Skin photorejuvenation (improves fine wrinkles, mild skin laxity, large pores, skin texture and uneven skin colour)
    • treat acne and acne scars
    • skin clarity and radiance
  • What does the BPL Therapy involve?

    After applying a thin layer of gel, the BPL treatment head is placed on the area of concern. A brief pulse of intense light is flashed through the prism on the treatment head. Most patients tolerate the treatment well and some have likened the sensation to the light snap of a rubber band.

    Our BPL treatment head prism has a continuous skin cooling mechanism which makes the treatment safe and comfortable. Treatment of the face takes about 15 minutes.

  • What is the recovery time?

    There may be some mild redness, but it usually resolves quickly. Burns and blisters are uncommon.

  • What happens after the procedure?

    A series of treatments is usually recommended for optimal results.

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