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Botox involves microinjections of a purified protein (Botulinium toxin) to relax facial muscles that causes facial wrinkling. It is also commonly used to reduce the size of the jaw muscle, creating a slimmer and V shaped facial contour.

Botox treatment should not result in stiff and unnatural looking facial expressions. At See Medical Medical Aesthetics, we are ever mindful to provide optimal botox cosmetic outcomes with NATURAL looking results.

  • Reduce dynamic wrinkles, crow's feet and frown lines
  • Eye brow lift and eye brow shaping
  • Reduce pore size and oiliness (intradermal Botox™)
  • Face sculpting (creates a slimmer face profile and a more defined jaw line)
  • Botox™ "face lift" to tighten skin in the jowl area.
  • Treat sweaty armpits and palms.
The treatment involves small and relatively painless injections into the area being treated. Depending on the purpose of the treatment, the Botox™ may be injected into the facial muscles (intramuscular) or into the skin (intradermal). The needle used is very fine so the procedure is relatively pain-free. Ice packs may be used to numb the skin to make the procedure even more comfortable. The treatment takes only a few minutes.
There is often no or little downtime with Botox™ treatment. Patients may return to their normal activities immediately after the procedure.
The anti-wrinkle effects of Botox™ typically become apparent as early as 3 days after the injection is administered. The results will last between 3 to 6 months (average 4 months). When the effects begin to wear, patients can opt to maintain the results of the previous treatment by repeating the Botox™ procedure. But if the patients decide against maintenance therapy, the wrinkles will gradually return to their pre-Botox™ state (but not to a worse state than before).
Normally, there are no side effects. Occasionally, temporary side effects such as bruising, temporary eyelid heaviness or headaches may occur.
Botox™ therapy has been used in millions of patients and it is very safe. However, pregnant and lactating women are advised against having the treatment done.